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About Arco d'oro


We are also a part of nature.  

You will be happy to choose plants and colors for being yourself

It is the same as choosing food when you eat.


We are part of nature. It makes us happy to wrap ourselves 

with anything natural such as plants and colors found in nature.

It's as natural as eating.


It's simple, pleasant, and beautiful.



Hemp (Belgium)
Supima Organic cotton (US)


Hemp is a functional organic material, loved by many.

  • Excellent for sensitive, dry skin. It is durable, smooth and supple.

  • Feels warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes it wearable

    throughout the year.

  • Has an intrinsically excellent breathability, it absorbs sweat and dries quickly

  • According to SGS testing, hemp is blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun.

  • It's grow fast, and cleanses the soil where it is produced.

  • It's strong, due to the long fibers.

  • “Natural organic” hemp dozes not need pesticides or insecticides to thrive. And is therefore very easy to grow organic.

Japan has a long traditional hemp culture. People used hemp for ceremonies and usual life as well, since the Neolithic Jomon period, starting at 10,000 BCE.


Organic Cotton

We use cotton produced farmland that has been cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers for at least three years. 

Note: The cultivation of organic cotton requires great care.  For example, removing weeds and insects by hand, which avoids conventional methods of using agricultural chemicals exterminating them entirely.

Botanical Dye



We are confident that our products have generous consideration both for the environment and people’s health, whilst also considering the design and quality to make the consumer feel and look beautiful.

Colors & nature always give us power. Choosing a color that fit on you and this clothing, brings to light, your true self.


Ordinary plant dyeing requires mordant dyes, but these have a tendency of clouding. This tecnology has successfully developed a special glue to absorb the dye from plants to the material without mordant dyes. With the innovative dyeing technology like no other in the world, we maintain the original colors and maintain the healing power of plants. You can enjoy different colors that make you feel comfortable.


In Wakayama

Our garments are made in Wakayama by a heartfelt factory with trustand technology or  side seamstresses, and we produce high quality products with careful and reliable technology.

Keiko Iris in Denmark

It a conscious goal of Arco d'oro to create garments in a way limiting our waste.  We create the designs with love and with full, active knowledge of our pure ethos at the heart of what we do.  Industry norms across the board prioritize cost cutback, efficiency and concerns of margin adopting unsustainable methods that are harmful to our planet. Keiko's designs are deliberately universal and reliable, without subject to changes in fashion.

Our activities exist on the basis of alternative ideas. Coexistence with nature and connections between people promote awareness and create real change in the whole world.

The production takes place locally and in close collaboration with the spinning mill, knitting fabric and seamstresses.


Keiko Iris (Keiko Tamaru)

After completing a degree in Fashion Design in Bologna Italy, Keiko was introduced to Hemp, a traditional Japanese plant used since prehistoric times. Impressed by what she learned about Hemp and Japanese Hemp Culture, she began her fashion brand in 2004.

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Our team

 Keiko's Story

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One day Keiko met a friend, she was showing a piece of hemp fabric to Keiko. This person was very sensitive to electromagnetic waves. And she said, " I can't sleep without covering  with this fabric". She told Keiko " there is a proverb, "when you hear thunder, go into the Hemp mosquito net.". For hemp in the context of Japan we can look to Shinto and Buddhism, There is one called "Onusa" used for a purification ceremony, and also the rope "Suzunawa" and put around for a sacred tree, all from Hemp. A Buddhist priest would wear a shoulder-worn robe and to protect the body from any kinds of virus and from negative energy.” Keiko was fascinated to hear all this, and was the beginning of me wanting to work with hemp.

When babies are born, mothers wrap the baby with the "Asanoha" textile which is Hemp leaves a geometric pattern wishing their babies grow strong like hemp. When Japan went to war, the soldiers wore hemp under shirts. Old Japanese people knew hemp makes the wearer stronger, and protects them from negative energy.

It is easy to see in today’s world the connection of people with nature has been cut off. Although hemp is easy to cultivate, simple and versatile, in modern times we have seen more ’convenience’ by opting instead to use chemical oil fibers, much to the detriment of the natural environment. Arco d'oro allows this lost connectedness feel open once again just by wear. We believe our dyeing process increases the natural botanical energies. Will this natural energy transfer to you while you wear? We think so, and predict a pleasant mood for you as you wear your hemp.





2004 Launched the hemp wear brand "Lunati Canapa"

2006 Started developing Yoga & Relaxation wear.

2007 Started using “botanical dye” on our clothes

2008 Established Lunaticanapa Co., Ltd. in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

2011 Moved to Kagawa prefecture after the  3-11 disaster .

2017 Moved to Wakayama prefecture.

2021 Lunati Canapa was 18 years in business, and shifted the brand to  “Arco d'oro”.

Contact Us


15-3 Nojono, Iwade-city

Wakayama, 649-6216 Japan


+81 (0)736-61-0332

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Mon - Fri

11:00 am – 17:00 pm


Irregular Service


Irregular Service

MagicWrap :

I use it to feel that there are several pieces. When it is slightly chilly, I choose to wear it as a stole. When it's cold, wind it up a little and layer it at the hip when it's cold. In hot seasons, use it as a skirt. Because it's usable as a nursing cape, I want other pieces.

Mrs. M

LunatiCanapa Co., Ltd.

15-3 Nojono, Iwade-city, Wakayama

649-6216  Japan

Tel: +81(0)50-3631-8484

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